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Kabut Cinta (Romance in the Rain)


Title: 情深深雨濛濛 / Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng
Also known as: Romance in the Rain
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 48
Broadcast network: CCTV / onTV
Broadcast period: 2001
Opening theme song: Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng (情深深雨濛濛) by Vicki Zhao
Ending theme song: Hao Xiang, Hao Xiang by Leo Ku

Synopsis :
It all begins in the early 1900s, in the province of Dong Bei. At that time, in Ha Er Bin, Lu Zhen Hua was a great general, known to people as the brave Hei Pao Zi, “The Black Leopard”. Fu Wen Pei was a common girl who came from a intellectual family. At one occasion on the street, she accidentally falls right before Lu Zhen Hua. What was a split second meeting turned into a lifelong commitment when Lu Zhen Hua quickly demanded that she would be his eighth wife and the wedding was held the very next day. A year soon past and Lu Zhen Hua meets another girl, this one by the name of Wang Xue Qin. She was soon brought into the family as well, as Lu Zhen Hua’s ninth and last wife…

Many years has passed, Lu Zhen Hua is now a man living in the shadows of his past. His whole family had been left in Dong Bei when they moved to Shanghai, and the only remaining are his eight and ninth wife with their children. Lu Er Hao, Lu Ru Ping, Lu Meng Ping and Lu Er Jie belonging to Xue Qin. And Lu Yi Ping belonging to Wen Pei.

One fine day, He Shu Huan and Du Fei, two daring reporters encounter Ru Ping during an exciting chase. She helps them upon request and later finds out that they’re friends of her brother Lu Er Hao. Little did Shu Huan know that in the short meeting, Lu Ru Ping had already fallen deeply in love with him.

Six months later, on a rainy night, it was time for Lu Yi Ping to go and collect her monthly allowance from her father. Because for five years ago, soon after the family had arrived in Shanghai, Wen Pei along with Yi Ping were kicked out of the large residence of Lu Zhen Hua. They were then forced to live in poverty with the small allowance of twenty dollars per month. That night, Yi Ping became desperate and wanted more money because she and her mother couldn’t live on twenty dollars alone anymore. After some struggle, Lu Zhen Hua resorted to violence and used a horsewhip to whip Yi Ping while the whole family in the residence watched this all happen. Stubborn and strong-willed, Yi Ping declared that she was no longer part of the family and vowed revenge on them all. At that same night Yi Ping bumps into Shu Huan, but rejects him when she finds out that he is a friend of “family of that side”, as she refers to the family in the residence. What she unknowingly leaves behind is a longing and curiosity in Shu Huan’s heart.

The story is of how Yi Ping tries to take revenge for her mother’s sufferings and her, while torn between trying to find the meaning of love and forgiveness in her disfigured world. It is a story of the love that she and Shu Huan grew, under the most pressured and difficult circumstances. A story of Shu Huan’s dedication to patiently teach love and forgiveness to Yi Ping. It is a story of a father’s harsh relationship with his unwanted daughter and how it is rekindled. It is a story of an impossible crush, that somehow became reality. It is a story of a wife, forever faithful to her husband, and another’s unfaithfulness. As a whole it’s story of true love, compassion, revenge, lust, family, relationships, war, victory, friendship, respect, secrets, lies, deception, forgiveness, power, good, evil and much more.

Cast :
Vicki Zhao as Lu Yi Ping
Leo Ku as He Shu Huan
Ruby Lin as Lu Ru Ping
Alec Su as Du Fei
Kou Zhen Hai as Lu Zhen Hua
Li Yu as Fang Yu
Gao Hong Xian as Lu Er Hao
Xu Lu as Li Ke Yun
Wang Lin as Xue Qin
Yue Ting Ting as Lu Meng Ping
Huang Da Liang as Qin Wu Ye
Fu Miao
Fang Yuan


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