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Romancing Hong Kong


Title: 动感豪情 (動感豪情) / Dong Gan Hao Qing
Also known as: Romancing Hong Kong
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast year: 2003

Synopsis :

Gu Hao Min, son of a travel industry tycoon, is shocked to discover that his father’s fortunes had vanished overnight. Now fallen from grace and with no money left, Hao Min vows to gain back what he has lost through hard work and determination. Little does Hao Min realize that a much harder battle of political intrigue and business backstopping await him as he and his fiance struggle to fight back to the top. With many of Hong Kong’s most famous tourist spots as its background, “Romancing Hong Kong” is not only a compelling miniseries about the ups and downs of the rich and famous, but also a stirring story about the hard-working Hong Kong people and their optimistic, never-say-die spirits.

Cast :
Aaron Kwok as Gu Hao Min
Li Bing Bing as Gao Shuang
Han Xue (韩雪) as Su Ying
You Yong as Su Li
Wong Hei as Yu Zhen Bang

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