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Love Strategy


Title: 恋爱兵法 (戀爱兵法) / Lian Ai Bing Fa
English title: Love Strategy
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-21 to 2008-Nov
Air time: 22:00
Opening theme song: Yi Qi Zou (一起走) Walk Together by Kim Jeong Hoon and Vivian Hsu
Ending theme song: Ming Zhong Zhu Ding (命中注定) Destined in Life by Shang Wen Jie (尚雯婕)


Kim Jung Ho, a rich and famous film director, recently arrived in China from Korea. By chance, he sees a poster of Ouyang Ming Ming, a new idol who also happens to be his ex-classmate and first love. He decides to consult an old uncle of his to teach him The Art of War so that he can employ the strategies to woo Ming Ming. But the story isn’t so simple after all when he meets Ming Ming’s sitter Yu Xuan.

Cast :
Kim Jeong Hoon as Jin Zhen Hao / Kim Jung Ho (Kim Jeong Ho)
Vivian Hsu as Sun Yu Xuan
Yuan Wen Kang as Wang Wen Qing
Han Dong as Qing Wei
Chen Zi Han as Ouyang Ming Ming
Lin Nan (林楠) as Mei Yi
Liu Bin (刘滨) as Sun Yu
Richard Ng as Ya Su
Ma Li (马丽) as Bo Bo


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