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Polien Lantern 2000


Title: 天地传说之宝莲灯 / Tian Di Chuan Shuo Zhi Bao Lian Deng
Also known as: Lotus Lantern / Legend of Heaven & Earth – Polien
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast year: 2000
Opening theme song: Bu Xi De Deng (不熄的灯) Inextinguishable Light by Jimmy Lin
Related TV series: See Lotus Lantern

Synopsis :
Ever since his birth, Chen Xiang never met his mother. His father was a drunk and gambler who refused to tell him anything about her. Until he found out himself via a mysterious Lotus Lantern. As it turns out, his mother was a goddess who fell in love with his scholarly mortal father. When the heaven discovered their relationship, she was punished by being imprisoned under a mountain for eternity. Chen Xiang set out on a journey to rescue his mother.

Cast :
Jimmy Lin as Chen Xiang 沉香
Yu Li (于莉) as San Liang 三娘
Roger Kwok as Liu Yan Chang 刘彦昌
Shen Ao Jun as Ta Xue 踏雪
Elvis Tsui as Tian 田
He Jia Wen (何嘉文) as Tian Rui 田蕊
Chen Ming Zhen (陳明真) as Piao Piao 飘飘
Dai Chun Rong as Heavenly Matriarch 王母娘娘
Lou Xue Xian (楼学贤) as Er Lang Shen 二郎神
Wang Hai Lun (王海轮) as Bat demon 蝙蝠妖


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