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The Last Night of Madam Chin


Title: 金大班的最后一夜 / Jin Da Ban De Zui Hou Yi Ye
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcast year: 2009
Broadcast Network: CCTV

Synopsis :
Set in Shanghai in the 1930s / 1940s, the drama follows the story of a dance hostess, Chin Zhao Li, and the 3 important men in her life.

Due to family poverty, Chin Zhao Li was forced to become a dance hostess at the infamous Paramount dance hall in Shanghai when she was 18 years old. The story is about how she met her first love, Sheng Yue Ru (Vic Zhou), a young man from Shanghai’s high society, who studied abroad, loves painting and theater, and someone who is single-minded and dedicated to love. They fell deeply in love and became lovers. But their relationship faced strong resistance and objections from both families, especially Yue Ru’s father, a rich banker.

Cast :
Fan Bing Bing as Madame Chin (Jin Zhao Li)
Vic Zhou as Sheng Yue Ru
Alex Fong as Guo Shi Hong
Eric Huang as Jin Zao Liang
Fann Wong as Ren Dai Dai
Paul Chun as Sheng Wen Da
Wang Xue Qi (王学圻) as Yu Yong Qiao
Anthony Wong as Chen Rong Fa

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