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Zhong Wu Yan


Title : Zhong Wu Yan
Release Year : 2004
Episode : 30
Country : Hong Kong
Category : Wu Xia

Cast :
Gallen Lo
Fann Wong
Sam Lee
Gabriel Harrison
Elvis Tsui
Wong Yat San

Johnnie To’s movie Wu Yen starring Sammi Cheng, Anita Mui, and Cecilia Cheung was based on a Chinese legend. Now this ancient legend is adapted into an amusing TV series featuring famous Hong Kong TV actor Gallen Lo and Singaporean beauty Fann Wong (aka Fann Woon Fong). They team up to offer a comic twist to the well-known legend between a fatuous king and a witty queen. The King of Qi (Gallen Lo) encounters a woman named Wu Yan (Fann Wong) and has a crush on her. She becomes the Queen and helps the incapable King rule the kingdom. One day, a red patch suddenly appears on her face (although it’s a large mole in the original Chinese legend) and her enemies immediately send four beauties to seduce the King. Meanwhile, neighboring kingdoms are all planning their attack on the Qi Kingdom and the King still indulges himself in his little inventions…


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