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Love Bird


Title : 候鳥e人
English Title : Love Bird

Description :
This is a love story that occurred in the winter…

Chinese Crested Tern, is bird that is one of a kind.

The difference in the appearance of a Chinese Crested Tern is that there is a small section of the color black at the tip of their beaks.

After the Chinese Crested Tern has been discovered in 1863, in these past 140 years, there has merely been 5 times that it has been sighted and records have been collected on them.

The last time that it was sighted was 60 years ago…

It has been said that the Chinese Crested Terns are extinct and they have been named as “legendary birds” by ecologists…

Matsu Islands, Beigan.

Every year in the summer time there would be tens of millions of crested birds that would fly to this place, search for food on the nearby lands of the island and breed and produce offsprings of the next generation.

Under the shining sun and concealed behind a big rock, Shen Yun Qing would deliberately cover up herself. Carefully pressing the button to turn on her camera, and capturing the sight of a sky full of the wings of the crested birds.

Xiao Qing’s main job is a photographer of a wedding shop, helping newly weds take pictures of their happiness and smiling faces; her leisure job outside of this main job is also a photographer. She doesn’t take pictures of people but just specializes in taking pictures of birds. Different species and different seasons of birds that fly to Taiwan. Xiao Qing would always be carrying around heavy equipments. Along with the change of the seasons and climates, starting with Matsu Islands, she would pursue the footprints of the birds all the way to Jin Shan, North Coast to search for gannets, frigate birds; to Gandau to find painted snipes, small snipes; to the South of Taiwan’s Cigu Lagoon to observe black-faced spoonbills; as far as to the furthest southern part of Ken Ding to send off the Chinese sparrow hawks as they fly off toward the blue ocean to Ba Shi Straits.

Within all the numerous birds, Xiao Qing’s favorite is the crested bird. Xiao Qing firmly believes that there will be a day when she will be able to take a picture of this Chinese crested tern within this crowd of birds that fly to Taiwan for the summer. She has always abided by her persistence because she believes that the rumors of the extinction of the “legendary bird”, in actuality, still exists.

Qi Qi believes that Xiao Qing has gone completely mad. Qi Qi is Xiao Qing’s assistant and also her best friend. She follows Xiao Qing from South to North to chase the birds. Ever since Qi Qi saved Xiao Qing onto a fisherman’s boat when she slipped and fell into the waters in Matsu Islands, she truly believes that Xiao Qing’s indulgence in the legendary bird is becoming deeper and deeper and there is no way of pulling her out.

Qi Qi feels that whether it is searching for this bird that no one has seen for 140 years or for the happiness of love, it is all impractical. Cause the reason why a legend is a legend is because it will never happen. Xiao Qing holds in her laughter and doesn’t want to explain to this e-generation girl. Actually in Xiao Qing’s heart, she deeply believes without a doubt that this legendary bird exists, that pure love without any impurities exists. There will be a day when she will encounter it.

Three year ago, Xiao Qing wrote the story of the legendary bird on a yellow silk ribbon and tied it to a tree at the Cigu Lagoon’s Black-faced Spoonbill’s Conservatory to share this knowledge with other bird lovers. This is how a girl carrying a wooden bin on her back saw this yellow silk ribbon and told Xiao Qing in a serious tone: “As long as you believe, then it will appear!” Xiao Qing sees the dazzling smile on this girl who carries a wooden box on her back and this makes her believe in her faith even more.

Would love appear before this legendary bird does? Winter is gone and Spring arrives, the only thing that could be seen are these first flock of birds that are flying back from the North…

Love Bird shouldn’t just be a simple modern era story. It should be a flying journey!

It narrates a group of people… the ups and downs of their life. The search of choices and responsibilities in love. The search of the sense of belonging, the search of a partner in live.

Xiao Qing, Shao Han & Xiang Zi… The three of them are all along the same line, but because they have different personalities, so that’s why they each possess different characters in life. At the same time, they are all deeply affectionate about birds. As a result, they each become very close friends. Yet they couldn’t possibly avoid the win and lose situation in the subject of an “only” love, fighting and sacrificing the problems and issues between them.

Niao Ren and Hei Pi meet on the internet and also crosses each other in the real world. En route to Cigu Lagoon, Shao Han and Xiao Qing meet due to some slight arguments. Each didn’t know the other but Shao Han’s good friend Xiao Wang starts to like Xiao Qing at this time. When Shao Han and Xiao Qing finally meets in the real world, how would he choose between love and friendship?

Xiang Zi, whom Shao Han believes has passed away, in actuality, is still alive. The love of the past, shame and responsibility, the struggle between the new love and old love, makes Shao Han even more uncertain of what to do. He, who is so true towards love, how should he choose? Ding Ding who secretly likes Xiao Wang, Xiao Xie who secretly protects Ding Ding, how would their relationship develop?

In Love Bird, what you will see is… friendship, family relationship and love. However, the most important is that it allows us to understand that actually… we are all birds. On one hand, we fly for our hopes and our dreams and on the other hand, we would land for the appearance of true love. In the modern age when love is gradually changing, in this vague era, do you really believe that there is still love?… Do you really believe that love is the myth of happiness? If everything becomes very uncertain, then should… we… learn how to give up? How to go about believing?

Love Bird is looking forward to flying… flying together with you.

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