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Legend of Shang Yang


Title : 商鞅传奇 (Shang Yang Zhuan Qi)
English Title : Legend of Shang Yang
Director : Zhou Xiao Wen

Cast :
Li Bing Bing
Zhou Li Jing
Wang Mei Hong
Zhou Xiao Wen

Description :
Starring award-winning actor Zhou Lijing from Han Wu Di and top actress Li Bingbing, 1997 Mainland China period drama The Legend of Shang Yang revolves around the life and times of Warring States era statesman Shang Yang. Known as one of ancient China’s greatest political reformers, Shang Yang helped transform the Qin from a backwards state to a prosperous and powerful kingdom with his policies and reforms.

This is the epic story of Shang Yang, the first political reformer of ancient China, a class ic story that touches every audience.
In the late Warring States Period, leaders of dozens of kingdoms divide the land and fight viciously to expand their territories in sanguinary civilears. Hence ambitious heroes appear in their own ways, Shang Yang is such the kind. To realize his political ambition, Shang Yang goes to the kingdom of Wei, but he’s driven away for destroying the aristocrats’ benefit, together with him are two outstanding ladies.
Shang Yang flees to the kingdom of Qin. With the support of emperor Xiao Gong, Shang Yang painstakingly builds up the country and pushes aside all obstacles and difficulties. Thus the whole country becomes prosperous and solid foundation is laid. But the new reform is wrongly treated. He is put into jail, for being falsely accused of taking bribe. To save Shang Yang beauty Du Wa goes hither and thither to collect evidence. Finally, Shang Yang is committed innocent under the irrefutable evidence.
So heeply moved by Shang Yang’s innocence, emperor Xiao Gong swears: unless the day and night turns up and down, should Shang Yang be killed. Otherwise he who turns against this promise, will be definitely executed according to law.


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