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The Yang’s Saga 1985


Title: 楊家將
Cantonese title: Yeung Ka Jeung
English title: The Yang’s Saga
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 1985-Sep-23 to 1985-Sep-27
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:05-20:00

Cast :
Michael Miu
Felix Wong
Andy Lau
Tony Leung
Ken Tong
Chow Yun Fat
Francis Ng
Margie Tsang
Carina Lau
Maggie Siu
Angie Chiu
Maggie Cheung
Amy Hu
Lau Siu Ming
Felix Lok
Cheung Ying Choi
Lee Kwok Lun
Kwok Fung

Description :

“The Yang’s Saga”, was another TVB Anniversary series and contained almost all of the 1980’s talented stars together in one TVB Series. Other stars who are missing from the cast list above include, Cheung Man Yuk, Chong Ching Yee, Cheung Yul Ling, Siu Mei Kei, and To Tai Yu amongst others.

“The Yang’s Saga”, is the first of a two part series and was only 6 episodes long. The sequel was “Female of the Yang Warriors”, which I have never seen. Lau Tak Wah was the main lead in this series as Yang Yin Chiu and was the only male Yang warrior to remain alive and stay with the family. Miu Kiu Wai was the fourth son, Yang Yin Fai, who later marries a Liao princess. Wong Yat Wah, was Yang Yin Tak, who becomes a monk after being injured in battle. Leung Chiu Wai was Yang Yin Ji a diete sent to help the Yang family fight against the Liao Dynasty.  Tong Chun Yip plays Bat Wong the Lord of the Sung Dynasty.

Lau Ka Ling plays Princess Chai.  Tsang Wah Sin plays a diete who is banish to earth and becomes a mountain robber Do Gum Ngo.  Au Yeung Pai San, Seung Tin Ngor, Mo Sun Kwan, Kung Chi Yan, and Jie Ling plays the wifes of the sons of the Yang family.  Yeung Pan Pan and Chow Hoi Mei plays the sisters in the Yang family.  Chow Yan Fat plays the mischevious diete Jiu Dong Kwun who is responsible for a lot of the trouble.  Chong Ching Yee plays Cocubine Poon and finally Chiu Ngar Chi played a minor role as Goon Yam Dai San.

“The Yang’s Saga”, takes place during the Northern Sung Dynasty (960 – 1127 AD).  During this period China was under constant attack from many nomadic tribes.  Although a thriving economy the Northern Sung Dynasty never possesed any great military strength.  To end a number of wars against the invading tribes, the Sung Dynasty were often forced to sign peace treaties.    “The Yang’s Saga”, focuses on the war between the fierce Kithan warriors from the Liao Dynasty taking place around 1017 AD.  The first of a number of wars which eventaully led to the the Jurchain invasion from the North and forced the Sung Dynasty to the South.

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      • ada reincarnated ga? kalau ada berapa dan ada teks indonesianya kah?

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      yang saga ada 4dvd 28rb. bs dipesan via email/sms. thanks

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