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Romantic Mobile Phone


Title : 手機
English title : Romantic Mobile Phone
Director : Wang Lei, Chen Yan

Cast :
Chen Dao Ming
Wang Zhi Wen
Mei Ting
Liu Bei

Description :
Acclaimed Chinese actors Chen Daoming (Zhang Yimou’s Hero) and Wang Zhiwen (The Message, A Battle of Wits) team up for the 2010 TV drama series based on Liu Zhenyun’s novel Cell Phone, which was previously adapted into a film by Feng Xiaogang. Feng’s comedy drama movie about the changes in interpersonal communication in modern society starred Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan, and Fan Bingbing, and it achieved both commercial and critical success during its release in 2003. Now the TV version features more fleshed out characters with Chen and Wang running riot with their acting skills opposite co-stars Liu Bei, Mei Ting, Ke Lan, Yu Mingjia, and Fan Ming. Chen reportedly lowered his asking price specifically to allow the production hire more good actors.

The story centers on middle-aged television talk show host Yan Shouyi (Wang Zhiwen), who is faced with crises in his professional and private lives. His new boss demands higher viewership ratings, giving him and his producing partner Fei Mo (Chen Daoming) unspeakably high pressure. Yan finds comfort in attractive publishing firm editor Wu Yue (Yu Mingjia), but his wife, Yu Wenjuan (Mei Ting), inadvertently discovers their affair over the cell phone, and she promptly divorces him. A single man again, Yan begins dating beautiful speech teacher Shen Xue (Ke Lan). But as their relationship gets going, Yan is shocked to learn from Yu that she has given birth to his son after their split.

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