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Qin Dynasty Greatest Path

English Title : Qin Dynasty Greatest Path
Episodes : 45
Broadcast period: 2012-01-26

Cast :
Kou Shi Xun
Wu Jing An
Mini Yang
Ren Tian Ye

Qin unified, four bandits, general Meng Tian full campaign because of poor roads, and forage is difficult to transport losses. Penpower, Meng Yi brothers petitioned the Qin Shi Huang built the Great Wall in northern nine original straight from Xianyang the major thoroughfare, causing Baiguan controversy. Fierce opposition from a senior official Li Si and Zhao Gao the repair Fanggong, Lishan Mausoleum, human, financial shortage grounds. After twists and turns suffering and repeatedly petitioned, the emperor finally agreed to suspend the the Metrical project, start unprecedented “cut-Hill mound valley, straight through the expanse of road construction – Qin straight.” Qin Shi Huang of the last three hundred thousand horses, and the treasury in the last financial and material resources to the Penpower, the construction of Meng Yi Qin straight. This road at the same time to bring harmony frontier, but also sharpened the palace power struggle, General Meng Tian, and Lisi has been the traitor Zhao Gao framed died.

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