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The Late Ming

English Title : The Late Ming
Also known as : 明末風雲 2 / Ming Mo Feng Yun 2
Language : Chinese
Episode : 30
Genre : (fantasy) (romance) (adventure) (matrial arts)

Wang Kang
Nie Yuan
Wang Si Yi

The year 1627, Chongzhen 17-year-old ascended the throne, took over from the hands of Ming Tianqi Emperor riddled Ming Dynasty, the right to Chen Wei Zhongxian single-handedly dominated the affairs of state, in essence, Chongzhen is a puppet emperor, decrees of the hands from Wei Zhongxianbut he was not stupid incompetent to take a low profile and to keep taking the offensive, Huairou and paralysis Wei Zhongxian strategy, secretly train competent personnel. The fundamentals of power, step by step for the camp, moving steadily, and finally beautiful and skilful approach to solve the customer Wei (Ke Shi Wei Zhongxian) Group, the political tactics of skilled, strong administrative mobilization capacity comparable to the Qing toppled St. Zukang Xi, the right to Oboi comparable to the practices of his thrift and self-discipline, ascetic, good governance, diligence and the elite more than the emperors of successive dynasties.
But Ming dynasty fate has is oil to make light dry, dynastic change of the non-violation of ‘s life like the drawing of lots to catch Chongzhen the head, his tragedy of fate on is that he not only can not be one of the footer to prevent the boat to subvert the trend, and history can give him time and space also destined to become not a resurgence of the Lord.

1644, Li Zicheng rate peasant army captured Beijing, Emperor Chong Zhen hanging in Meishan, Ming Dynasty was overthrown. Li Zicheng to Beijing, sent down the Tang through with silver 50000 two and the Sangui father Wu Xiang letters. Go ZhaoJiang Sangui. For the preservation of their property and status in Beijing. Sangui intended submission Zicheng. After the smell Aiqie Chen Yuanyuan Li Zicheng satisfied that the concubine message, the angry red crown to the roots, immediate Heaven Dashun messenger, caused the book to please the Prince Rui Dorgon request together soldiers destroy bandits “, just to cater to the Qing army into off into main Central Plains look forward to. The Dole immediately led Qingbingruguan the help destroy. ”
Li Zicheng was the Sangui refused to ask information to lead a force-generation and Sangui with the Qing army war Shanhaiguan near a stone. 20000 Qing cavalry from the right wing to break the passage of the army of farmers, peasant army overwhelmed and defeated and dispersed. After the war, the Qing forces all entry. Li Zicheng back to Beijing after the enthronement ceremony was held in the hall of the imperial officer, to accept the officials appear before the. The next morning, led by the rebel army, to leave Beijing to Xi’an to retreat.

One country, DDD, who is the main Central Plains


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