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Brave Heart and Loyal Soul

Title : Brave Heart and Loyal Soul
Chinese Title :  水浒前传之义胆忠魂

Genre : Wuxia, Period
Broadcast : 2011
Country : China
Language : Chinese
Subtitles : Indonesian / English / Chinese
Episode : 20
Disc : 4 DvD End

Main Cast
Wei Trace
Zhong Wu Dai
Bin Liang Jun
Zhong He Qiang

Northern Song period, the plague of the world prevailed, the emperor ordered the imperial prefect Xu Zhenglan as a special envoy to the temple the largest Buddhist temple, the abbot of the Buddha relic night escort to Beijing. Soon after, the matter will be spread throughout Beijing southwest, the way to Wiltshire and tragic. Gao Qiu, Cai Jing and six chancery Li Xi is framed, Wiltshire Detective Seinfeld ordered to recover the Buddha treasure, and boast under Ho. not catch back to the Buddha treasure to mention head to see who knows Seinfeld to recapture the Buddha treasure, the way in the design, with people Pinjiu, wakes up to find tune the package, the Buddha treasure once again lost, Seinfeld was stabbed with Jiang Chau .
However, Emperor Song Hui Zong incompetence, official redundancy in power, disastrous harm to good people, so that the old general Lin Huaiyi guarding the frontier and his son, Lin Song, leading his men fought a bloody war, the end result outnumbered, Lin old general was killed in battle, annihilated , only Lin Song a life. Traitor in power, the hero Lin Lin Song “by Han Wei killed unfavorable frontiers, colluded with the enemy offense. Moments of crisis, by virtue of their high strength martial arts before they escaped. Since then, Lin Lin Song “hardships to the identity of the Orion lived in mountain forests and became a bandit Cole. Lin “Lin Song” it is natural to form a content with reality, character, afraid to resist the persecution of the ruling class has repeatedly forbear; this experience, so that he made ​​a hero of the Quartet, the formation of a forthright, honest and frank , unwilling to living in the next character.
Meanwhile, in the Song Dynasty all over official corruption, corrupt officials, which makes the seething popular discontent. Plus Gao called for in accordance with the rod of power to oppress the masses, so that the people on the official fantasy a little bit of the burst, the formation of a slaughter, the people have to the contrary, stirred the hot blood of heroes revenge beliefs, and they are opposed to is a traitor, not the emperor, they stabbed, not civilians, but will phase. Opening and closing of a relatively independent of the main characters moving the plot twists and turns both vertical and horizontal structure, the best features, fascinating.

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