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Come Home

Title: 亲爱的,回家 / Qin Ai De, Hui Jia
English title: Come Home
Also known as: My Love, Come Home
Genre: Modern metropolitan drama, romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-25 to 2012-Mar-12
Air time: 22:00

Cheng Hua, the young owner of a fashion goods shop, is framed for smuggling during a trip to Korea and sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment overseas. Fearful that the courts would confiscate their property, she and her husband Shao Jun agree to a divorce, with Shao Jun vowing to remarry Cheng Hua once she’s out of jail. Six months finally pass, and Cheng Hua rushes home in search of her ex-husband, only to find him tying the knot with the wealthy heiress An Li Na! With his carefully planned scheme interrupted, Shao Jun schemes once again by planning to meet with Cheng Hua, but creates a fake car crash and feigns amnesia. To help Shao Jun recover from his “amnesia”, the kind-hearted Cheng Hua enters the An household under the guise of its 28th maid and faces numerous challenges. Shao Jun is moved by Cheng Hua’s efforts, but the memories from his broken and broke childhood have cast a dark shadow on his once good and honest heart. He vows to gain control of the An clan corporation. While facing stiff competition from the Song clan corporation, Shao Jun not only meets his match in business, but even moreso on the battlefield of love in the form of CEO Song Yao.

Cecilia Han as Cheng Hua
Jiang Yi as Shao Jun
Yu Na as An Li Na
Hu Bing as Song Yao
Kingdom Yuen as An Li Na’s mother
He Qiang (贺镪) as An Da Wei (An Li Na’s father)
Li Lan Di (李兰迪) as An Qi
Teresa Mak as Fan Yu
Ken Lok as An Ya Kang
Rong Rong (荣蓉) as Fan Yu’s mother
Zhu Wei Wei (朱薇薇) as Cheng Hua’s mother
Gong Fang Min (公方敏) as Cheng Hua’s father
Lu Yu Lin (陆昱霖) as Cheng Yong
Wang Dao as Shao Jun’s father
Jiang Zhu Qing (蒋竹青) as Shao Jun’s mother
Zhou Jun Yan (周均谚) as Lin Bei Bei
Mu Ting Ting as Mei Mei
Zhu Zi Yan (朱子岩) as Gao Hong

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Fang Hong Ren (方泓仁)
Producers: Chen Chun Xia (陈春霞), Chen Yi Wen (陈奕文), Luo Xiong (罗雄)
Director: Luo Fu

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