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Embarrassed People a Happy Life

Title : Embarrassed People a Happy Life
Also known as : 囧人的幸福生活
Language : Chinese
Episode : 30
Genre : (family) (drama) (romance)

Cast :
Michael Zhang
Zhang Bo
Guan Yue Jia Qing

5 years of employment still nothing of Ma Xiaodong the girlfriend Fanxin pieces of second-hand diamond ring to marry him. Fanxin has proposed to buy a house for the first condition. Phase of a down payment of 300,000 Fanxin marriage room, happened to just licensing a small husband and wife, Li Quan, and YI Xiao Xi is also eyeing the same house, fearing the house was robbed, Fanxin forced Xiaodong paying for under the deposit. Home horse house parents to son, to sell the house to gather 300,000 to his son to do a new house down payment. Unexpectedly, house prices, down payment of more one hundred thousand! Xiaodong 300 000 to the Fanxin custody, resignation home by then. Do not want to Fanxin Pong on a new boyfriend, to cobble together the full amount to buy a house, but do not recognize took Xiaodong penny.

In order to return to their parents 300 000 Xiaodong to Fanxin debts was mistaken as a thief into the police station. Fanxin to sue Xiaodong theft, blackmail, and signed youth compensation agreement forced Xiaodong 300 000 completely failed to be implemented. The poor Xiaodong back rent was the landlord overnight drive away … the honest help of the desperate Xiaodong old classmate Liang, accept into Liangjia. Beam home located in prime locations in the 27-storey Sanju, seemingly wealthy, but in fact bear the monthly mortgage, the whole family to live frugally, stingy thrifty doing house slaves. The only income from work, only the eldest daughter of Liang Meili. Beautiful in trip to return the aircraft and a successful man was approached by quackish Luankan turtles Jin Shijie exposed the thoroughly discredited the the beautiful Mengguan red wine accidentally spit Jin Shijie one with each other leaving a harsh and deep impression.


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