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The Colours of Love

Title : The Colours Of Love
Also known as : 女人的顏色
Language : Chinese
Episode : 36
Genre : romance

Lu Fang Sheng
Ling Xiao Su
Xu Yun
Wang Yuan Ke
Zhang Qi
Bai Fan
Wang Cai Ping
Yang Wen Wen
Hou Xiao
Wang Si Yu
Zhou Xiao Ou
Kang Kang
Qin Xuan

Loss of a married woman in love and plot bloody transformation and eventually break the cocoon into a butterfly magnificent epic

Beautiful and gentle Ye Jingyi is a happy full-time housewife, she was born into a family but not arrogant, mother-in-law of marriage and blame a live six years, the superior ability of the husband Wang Jin is her God, lovely and well-behaved daughter is her darling baby. The intellectual charm of designer Yaoqian Qian Ye Jingyi very good girlfriends, however, is such a woman Ye Jingyi of life has changed dramatically.

Ye Jingyi think her world overnight landslides love with the sister of a friend actually hate her beloved husband turned out to be the former lover of Yao Qianqian, even more tragic is adopted six years of her daughter turned out to be a friend and her husband the crystallization of the old friends. Yao Qianqian vowing to recapture their own happiness, Wang Jin, the final choice Yaoqian Qian Ye Jingyi did not wake up from reality to combat stubbornly refused to divorce. Ye Jingyi do not know all this has only just begun, the father of the hastily passed away, regained brother, Yip Enterprise Wang Jin usurp … these blows Ye Jingyi should be pushed to the brink of collapse, and nothing she will go from here?


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