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The Queen of SOP

English title: The Queen of SOP
Also known as: SOP女王 / SOP Nu (Nv) Wang / The Price of Being a Leftover Lady
Genre: Modern idol drama, romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-15 start
Air time: 19:30
Opening theme song: Xi Huan Gu Du (喜欢孤独) Enjoy Being Lonely by Chen Qiao En
Ending theme song: Zuo Zui Ai Ni De Peng You (做最爱你的朋友) Being the Friend who Loves You Most by Zhang Han
Insert song: Ji Ge Ni (几个你) How Many of You by Xue Zhi Qian

After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings.

Zhang Han as Tang Jun / Tom
Chen Qiao En as Lin Xiao Jie
Godfrey Gao as Gao Zi Qi
Zhang Meng as Zeng Chu Chu
Coco Jiang as Bai Ji Qing
Gino as Gao Zi Hao
Du Ruo Xi as Tang Min
Bai Xue (白雪) as Tang Jun’s mother
Xue Zhi Qian as Xue Shao Qian
Zhou Zi Yin (周子茵) as Su Su
Zheng Fan (郑凡) as Zheng Fan
Tang Ting (唐婷) as Su Li
Ming Dao as Adam (guest star)

Production Credits
Producers: Li Shi Xiang (李诗翔), Ouyang Chang Lin
Director: Zhang Bo Yu (张博昱)

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