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Ghost Catcher 2012

Title : Ghost Catcher 2012
Also known as : 钟馗传说
Language : Chinese
Subtitles : Indonesian | Chinese
Episode : 40

Cast :
Ouyang Zhen Hua
Liu Xiao Hu
Lou Yu Jian
Yang Da Peng
Pan Chang Jiang

“Zhong Kui legend” consists of four stories, “Xiangyao kill Tiger Town,” “Princess III Love”, “slayer ruthless chop”, “angel hate” – “Xiangyao kill Tiger Town” storyZhong Kui was ordered to descend to Vampire Killers, but found that the minds of the people heroically corrupt Detective-way door snow is not only the wolf demon possessed and suspected Wu Dalang posterity; the Princess III love about Zhong Kui ensure the Jade Emperor, of six Princess and Devil PengPrince III Love, the time the shuttle to the two previous life, staged a funny myth version of Butterfly Lovers legend; angels hate “tells the story like” Snow in Midsummer, in fact, took to the snow goddess of vengeance not returnRoad, leading to human snow in June. Slayer ruthlessly chopped “Zhong Kui joint civil blue sky as a hardy women avenge the Fuxin Han was guillotine into a crazy ass magic.

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