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Angel Heart

Title: 心术 / Xin Shu
Also known as: Angel Heart
Genre: Medical drama, romance, family
Episodes: 36
Broadcast networks: Dragon TV, Anhui TV, Tianjin TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast period: 2012-May-03 to 2012-May-20
Opening theme song: Xin Shu (心术) Angel Heart by Zhang Yu
Ending theme song: Gan Dong (感动) Touched by Yu Yi (于毅)

Cast :
Wu Xiu Bo as Huo Si Miao
Hai Qing as Mei Xiao Hu
Zhang Jia Yi as Liu Chen Xi
Wang Wei Wei (王维维) as Zhao Wen Gu
Zhang Zi Feng (张子枫) as Nan Nan (Liu Chen Xi’s daughter)
Zhai Tian Lin (翟天临) as Zheng Ai Ping
Jiang Xiao Chong (姜晓冲) as Du Feng Sheng (Xiao Du)
Sun Zhong Jia (孙仲加) as Zong Xiao Man (Xiao Man)
Yang Zi as Zhang Xiao Lei
Han Yu Qin as Huang Jing Jing
Yu Yi (于毅) as Gu Chao Hua
Wang Shi Huai (王诗槐) as Director Wang
Yao An Lian (姚安濂) as Director Yan
Li Bao An (李宝安) as Assistant Director Chen
Wang Lin as Gu Mei Ren
Zheng Hao as Ye Zi Feng (tightrope guy)
Miao Ting Ru (缪婷茹) as Yu Ying Ying
Su Qiang (苏强) as Su Liang Wei (neurosurgeon)
Shi Da Sheng as Wu Wen Qing
Zhang Lei (张磊) as Wang Lei
Wu Jing (吴晶) as Chun Yan
Ma Dan Ni (马丹妮) as Xiao Jing (nurse)
Zhao Xiao Lu (赵晓露) as Xiao Lu (nurse)
Gao Hui (高卉) as Xiao Hui (nurse)
Tao Xue Rong (陶雪荣) as Xiao Xue (nurse)
Wang Li Ya (王骊娅) as Xiao Li (nurse)
Zuo Qi Ze (左启泽)

Production Credits
Original writing (novel): Xin Shu (心术) by Liu Liu
Screenwriter: Liu Liu
Producer: Lv Chao (吕超)
Director: Yang Yang (杨阳)

Hoath Miao of the neurosurgeon because of work busy repeatedly love to failure, but occurrence of with the the the emotional of the departments colleagues US small retaining forward to subtly changes in; Liu Chenxi in order to the the subject to of the “a benevolent technique” the the welcome of doctor’s peers and in patients with, and his daughter South-South was suffering from kidney failure.
The neurosurgery story has been staged all kinds of patients, some had to leave, was indebted to repay, was reconciliation, it was tangled death. Liu Chenxi remained true to his principles and morals, and finally touched the sky has also been reported; the Hoath profound soul-stirring passion with actress, slowly come to understand the true meaning of love and began a love affair with the United States retaining.
“Intention” to reveal the contemporary doctor-patient relationship status quo. Play, Haiqing played by the United States protection, Wu Xiubo

Starred in two brothers the Hoath Miao, Hanyu Qin played by young and beautiful VIP patients’ families (Huang Jing – jing), and the Hoath Miao has given rise to the spark of love, and can eventually America care and Huo doctors form health care and his wife.
For the the to help of Hoath Miao the pursuit of Huang Jing – jing, junior in the sector Zheng Aiping for the the the mother of and inspection of Huang Jing – jing, the do not want to really in her in the brain to find out tumor. The face is not necessarily non-surgical treatment can not be the case, Hoath Miao insisted on surgery, Brother Liu Chenxi accused Hoath the Miao move for selfish reasons, want in Jingjing front performance, the two broke.
Liu Chenxi welcomed by a doctor peers and patients to the ER technique “, his daughter was suffering from kidney failure, is Liu Chenxi couple anxiously waiting for a kidney, a car accident a boy near death, his kidneys and South South match, but the boy’s parents refused to donate organs, the Zhao Valley past suitors – the other sections of the doctors to decide privately kidneys remove the transplant to the South-South, and the resulting responsibility for their own commitments, while Liu Chenxi rejected such an approach, for boys extubation, will complete the boy returned to the child’s parents. Hoath Miao and Zheng Aiping Liu Chenxi lack of play to save his daughter, Liu Chenxi discourse, however, the two realized that a true medical benevolence, may Liu Chenxi daughter has missed the opportunity to get a kidney.
Huang Jing – jing mother’s surgery went well and craniotomy after all a serious problem, this is the case of a necessary surgery, Liu Chenxi aware of their Hoath profound misunderstanding, a sincere apology. With Huang Jing – jing mother recovered, her feelings of and Hoath profound, gradually establish the topic and as an actor Huang Jing – jing lack Hoath Miao ask for advice a small care in the United States, the United States protect the hearts although faint acid intended, but still quietly to help the buddy children make plans ……
They grow in their own lives, and also get along with and patients gradually improve their “benevolence benevolence. Daughter healed, Liu Chenxi efforts toward an associate professor positions, entangled with a long-term instability in the female patients and her family, Zheng Aiping growth from a resident to an attending physician, outpatient doctor solitary beauty of frosty had a serious illness, to understand how the warm care of patients.
They grow in their posts, and also on their own path in life experience again and again to the growth and sublimation, perfect on the big stage of the hospital’s medical community benevolent surgery.


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