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City of Love

English Title : City of Love
Title : 清宫绝恋 / Qing Cheng Jue Lian
Language : Mandarin
Episode : 41 Episodes
Genre : Drama, romance

Cast :
Li Cheng
Mickey He
Wang Ke
Tian Jia Da
Pan Ying Zi
Deng Sha

Synopsis :
Beauty comes from Inner Mongolia glass princess in Beijing because of a misunderstanding, and to get to know the Jing Xuan, although the two do not know the true identity of each other, they are at first sight, a chance, when the two meet again, promised to be affectionate with each other more by sentiment, U.S. glass with Jing Xuan sexual gratification, love each other deeply. Intends to request when that marriage was the the Jing Xuan mother of too Princess’s bent on opposition and obstruction, while two men strive for happiness on the occasion, however, the fate of a US glass stumbled upon them so that their love had been a misunderstanding, and finally embarked the point of no return.U.S. glass and the Jing Xuan two love is misunderstood acquaintance, friend, fell in love, and true love last due to misunderstanding and contradiction caused by mutual suspicion distrust of the love between the two men end up dying.However, the only constant is the share of unmitigated love and life and death, the enduring heart.


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