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Say That You Love Me

Title : 愛情是從告白開始的
English Title : Say That You Love Me
Language : Mandarin
Episode : 32 Episodes
Genre : Drama, romance

Cast :
Genie Zhuo
Sun Yizhou
Eric Wang
Evonne Zhao

Early (Genie) and two high school friends in the three years of effort, finally won their ideal university. The first day of school, because by chance, early Europe Hao Chen (Son Ye Chau) became the object of discussion by the school students and campus honors student. But cool Europe Hao Chen very disgusted with this confused girls, which makes early and very distressed.

Hao Chen Friends Han Fei appear (Wang Zhuanjun), many times for early to defuse embarrassing situation, progressively closer relations between the two. Plus perfect girls Shangguan Yi (Zhao Ji), campus orientation sessions, campus dance, club activities, and a series of four common experience


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