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Free Sword

English Title : Free Sword
Title: 错点鸳鸯 / Cuo Dian Yuan Yang
Genre: Period drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug
Air time: 22:00

Su Huan Er got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji agreed to marry to her. He, his two brothers and his sister hated her father with a passion. But if they thought they can torture her to settle bad blood, they got another thing coming.
Shi Wu Hen was only a stand-in groom at the wedding, yet he was charmed by the new bride’s cheery disposition and unbeatable optimism. This created a problem because she was his brother’s wife, not his. So when his brother’s long lost betrothed fiancée, Liang Yu Shi, showed up at their door, he stepped in to honor the families’ agreement. What he thought was a marriage of obligation turned into a heartbreaking love affair in which he was willing to risk his family’s lives to save hers.
Shi Wu Jie was the youngest and the most passionate of the three brothers. When he met Qin Qiu Yu, it was love at first sight. His family, however, strongly opposed to their relationship because she was a courtesan unworthy of his station. He, in turn, decided to follow her to end of earth than to leave her.

Zhao Li Ying as Su Huan Er / Yang Yi Liu
Qi Ji as Shi Wu Ji
Han Dong as Shi Wu Hen
Zhou Fang as Liang Yu Shi
Guo Dong Dong as Shi Wu Jie
Song Yi as Qin Qiu Yu
Zheng Qian as Shi Wu Xia
Ye Zu Xin as Leng Gang
Ma Wen Long as Murong Fu
Yang Zi Mo (杨梓墨) as Ma Can Mei
Li Jian Yi (李建义) as Su Guang Ping
Dai Chun Rong as Madam Su
Wang Lu Yao as Madam Jin / Yang Li Niang
Han Yue Qiao (韩月乔) as Ru Niang
Hao Guang (郝光) as Zhu Bing Jin
Yin Ming (尹明) as Adviser Bai
Yang Yao Tian as Murong Sheng
Yang Bao Long (杨宝龙) as Leng Zi Yang
Lu Xiao Tong (鹿潇桐) as Yu Niang
Chen Chuang as Master Zi Juan
Sun Lan (孙岚) as Sai Mu Dan
Hao Shan Shan (郝姗姗) as Wang Xiu Qing
Huang Ling (黄龄) as Xiao Qing
Duan Hao Chen (段昊辰) as Mo Bai
Zhuo Fan as Jiang Lin
Wang Chen (王琛) as Zi Jun
Fan Wei (范玮) as Ye Lu Hao
Yang Guo Qing (杨国卿) as Xiao Cui
Li Pan (李盼) as Xiao Yi

Production Credits
Original writing (novel collection): Jiao Cuo Shi Guang De Ai Lian (交錯時光的愛戀) and Xi Dian Yuan Yang (戲點鴛鴦) by Xi Juan
Screenwriters: Jin Zun (金尊), Ma Shuang Shuang (马双双), Han Xue (韩雪)
Chief producer: Liu Yan (刘艳)
Producers: He Ji Chang (何继昌), Huan Yue (环玥)
Chief directors: Tom Tan (谭锐铭), Kou Zhan Wen
Assistant director: Zhou Yi Bin (周义斌)

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