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Fate Decide In The Blue Sky

Fate Decide in the Blue Sky

Title: Fate Decide In The Blue Sky
Genre : Romance
Episodes : 25

Ma En Ran
Lian Shu Mei
Liu Chang Wei
Song Liu
Yang Bao Long

The story takes place in contemporary Xiahe Wan is Subei region a yard to the scenic rural … history on the Grand Canal, the water transport terminal …… the village deputy director Du Bao root collar people, dredging, digging collapsed riverside village primary school playground … cause villagers dissatisfaction … Lin Mancang headed villagers village party secretary and village chief Wang Tian Sun report into the town and the county …. county Party Secretary Zhang received lower Zhanghewan villagers had appealed on several occasions before believed to reflect the village party secretary Sun Wang Tian arbitrary line, the tension between cadres and masses, and the town Hao Shuji decided faction County Organization Department Director-General in East students to the next river bend investigation. River Bend town party committee the Hao Shuji boat along the waterway to send in the East students going to the next bend, the car went to the village of landing, found the village-run primary school teacher the willow is Hechun, deputy director Du Bao root quarrel, original, landslides bunker , resulting in students ferritin fell into in East students witnessed DU Bao root rude and insolent, they get off and DU Bao root theory, Wang Tian Sun arrived here, DU Bao root hard to hug a meal, heard in the bunker … Dong-Sheng county cadres, DU Bao root immediately for a smiling face …. personally drove ferritin sent to the town hospital. came to the village in East Health Ministry is very warm, the village party secretary Wang Tian Sun, reported the village all these years in all aspects of change …… and at the invitation of the East of Health and Hao Shuji go to their house for dinner … the original the Sun Wang Tian daughter and in East Health Middle School students, the feelings have been very good … a few days ago, Sun Xiaomei classes to participate in the county in the East Health and lecturer … two to cross the road in the county, Sun Xiaomei to save recuperate during hospitalization, the two established a relationship results in East Health hit by a car …..


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