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Vampire Prosecutor 2

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Vampire Prosecutor 2 - 2

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English Title: Vampire Prosecutor 2
Title: 뱀파이어 검사 2 / Vampire Geomsa 2
Episodes: 11
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-09 to 2012-Nov-18
Air time: Sunday 23:00

Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) isn’t your typical vampire or prosecutor. Rather than drinking blood from innocent strangers, he opts for blood sold on the black market in the posh bars of Seoul. He also has the uncanny ability to tell where the victim of his cases died, and how they died based on their blood’s smell and taste. The only person who knows his secret ability is Detective Hwang Soon Bum (Lee Won Jong), and both end up working together in a new joint department between police and prosecutors solving murder cases. Joining them are rookie prosecutor Yoo Jung In (Lee Young Ah) and intern Choi Dong Man (Kim Joo Young).
Together, they solve murder cases, and each time Tae Yeon uses his “powers” to find leads on cases that seem unsolvable. But the one thing he can’t solve is: who was the vampire/serial killer that turned him seven years ago? And what happens when Jung In becomes suspicious of Tae Yeon’s “questionable” tactics in solving cases… – Dramafever

Yun Jung Hoon as Min Tae Yeon
Lee Young Ah as Yoo Jung In
Lee Won Jong as Hwang Soon Bum
Lee Kyung Young as Jo Jung Hyun
Lee Ji Oh (이지오) as young Jung Hyun (ep 3)
Kim Joo Young as Choi Dong Man
Kwon Hyun Sang (권현상) as L

Extended cast
Jung Hwan as Park Hoon / Kim Sung Hoon
Park Jae Hoon as Ra Jae Wook
Yoshitaka Yuriko as Luna
Kim Ji Young as Lee Ji Ae
??? as Joo Hyun Ah (Chief prosecutor)
Kim Jong Goo (김종구) as Heo Hak Bum (ep 1)
Song Ji Hyun (송지현) as Oh Min Young (ep 2)
Kim In Seo as Bae Ji Yeon (ep 2)
Jun Hui Soo (전희수) as young Bae Ji Yeon (ep 2)
Hong Suk Chun as Gabriel Jang (ep 6)
Kim Hyun Sook as Lee Young Ae (from Rude Miss Young-Ae) (ep 8)
Yoo Hyung Kwan (유형관) as Yoo Hyung Kwan (from Rude Miss Young-Ae) (ep 8)
Jung Ji Soon (정지순) as Jung Ji Soon (from Rude Miss Young-Ae) (ep 8)
Im Seo Yeon as Byun Ji Won (from Rude Miss Young-Ae) (ep 8)
Yoon Seo Hyun as Yoon Seo Hyun (from Rude Miss Young-Ae) (ep 8)
Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Chul Oh (ep 10)

Production Credits
Production company: CMG Chorok Stars
Director: Yoo Seon Dong (유선동)
Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon (한정훈), Lee Seung Hoon (이승훈), Kang Eun Sun (강은선)

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