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Legend of Yong Chun

Legend of Yong Chun Wallpaper

Title : Legend of Yong Chun
Also known as : 咏春传奇
Year : 2012
Country : China
Episode : 27
Genre : wuxia

Cast :
Zhou Yang
Zhang Danfeng
Cecilia Yip
Cheng Peipei

“Wing Chun Legend” is based on the loss of true martial arts legend of folk adaptation.

TV series “The Legend of Wing Chun” stills
The story takes place in the late Qing years, a “Wing Chun” with Fang Qiniang the legend, an inspirational story of ordinary people. Party 7, a lively and naughty girl, how to fight its way through, and eventually become a far-reaching influence on Chinese martial arts Wing Chun Masters? Legendary story sky …
The story is full of legendary, fantastic fight scenes, struggling to flee exciting, complex and full of human resentment characters love story, suspense cases, Southern Shaolin Buddhist philosophy …


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