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Title: 姐姐立正向前走 / Jie Jie Li Zheng Xiang Qian Zou
English title: Drama Go Go Go
Also known as: Older Woman Marching Forward / 姐姐一枝花 (Jie Jie Yi Zhi Hua)
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Hunan TV / GTV
Broadcast period: 2012.11~
Air time: 22:00 (2 episodes on Sat) in november & december 2012 / 22:00 (2 episodes on Fri and Sat) from January 2013

When her teacher bailed out from writing the new drama, Wang Ming Ming stepped up to be the lead screenwriter. For her script, she insisted on having Eason to be her male lead. But the over-the-hill singer was not the actor the producer or the female lead had in mind. For once in her life, Wang grew a spine to stand up for what she wanted. Eason’s presence made her feel good about herself, but Tong Shao Tian, her little brother from next door, kept warning her that Eason was just using her to keep the part.

Ruby Lin as Wang Ming Ming
Jiro Wang as Eason
Lin Geng Xin as Tong Shao Tian
Maggie Wu as Shen Pei Ni
Hu Bing as Fu Yun Kai
Zhang Lun Shuo as Henry
Hua Yi Han (华艺涵) as Ru En
Wang Yu as Hao De (Ming Ming’s ex-boyfriend)
Peter Ho as Ouyang Cheng
Yang Li Yin as Wang’s mother
Bao Yi Lin as Zuo Jie
Xie Qiong Nuan (謝瓊煖) as Qiong Zhi
Fu Yan (傅燕) as Lin Yan
Li Xue Qing (李學慶) as Zhou Bao Kang
Luo Bei An as Director

Production Credits
Producer: Ruby Lin
Director: Deng An Ning (邓安宁)


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