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Tiger Kungfu of Wulin

Tiger Kungfu of Wulin 1

Tiger Kungfu of Wulin 2

Title: Tiger Kungfu of Wulin
Director: Gu Jinyun
Genre: martial arts, costume

Shi Xiaolong
Wu Qianqian
Wang Sisi
Wang Jianfu
Kenneth Tsang (Hong Kong, China)
Wu Ma (Hong Kong, China)

In the middle of Ming dynasty, due to eunuchs’ arbitrary governance and harassment of Wokou pirates, the people could hardly survive. Yang Shu, a lay disciple of Shaolin Temple, swore to be brothers with Ma Qianqiu, general of secret imperial guard Jinyiwei, and Zhu Chenjun son of prince. After a life and death, the trio work together and eventually toppled the mighty evil eunuch “Nine Thousand Years” with resourcefulness and force, to restore the order of the ruling. Subsequently, Yang Shu with a group of Shaolin monk soldiers accompanying with the army went south to fight against Wokou pirates. Yang Shu, courageous and prudent, defeated the pirates tricks. However, his sworn brothers Zhu Chenjun was driven by the ambition of the usurper, colluded with pirates, selling out the country. Yang Shu and Ma Qianqiu experienced the pain of being used and to hunt down each other. Ultimately when the truth was discovered, the brothers joined forces to prevent the conspiracy Zhu Chenjun and pirates. Yang Shu was appointed Jinghai general, obtained the victory of fighting Wokou pirates, revived the prestige of coastal defense and protected the peace of the people.


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