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Orphan Case

Orphan Case

Title: 赵氏孤儿 / Zhao Shi Gu Er
Also known as: Orphan Case / Orphan of the Zhao Family
Genre: Ancient legend
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TBA
Broadcast period: 2012

During the Spring and Autumn period, Tu An Gu, the highest ranking military officer of the kingdom of Jin, orchestrated a coup d’état and framed general Zhao Shuo for its instigation, resulting in the extermination of the entire Zhao clan. There was one survivor, however – the infant son of Zhao Shuo and Zhuang Ji, whose life was saved by the physician Cheng Ying at tremendous personal risk. Cheng Ying then cleverly planned for the child to stay at the home of Tu An Gu. Eighteen years later, Tu An Gu’s pride and joy is his son Tu Yue, a rising star skilled with both pen and sword. However, rumors spread that Tu Yue is not Tu An Gu’s biological son, and even Cheng Ying’s son Cheng Da Ye, Tu An Gu’s godson and Tu Yue’s study buddy, becomes embroiled in the mystery of the identity of the Zhao family orphan. In the end, Tu An Gu’s role in the the bloody case of the Zhao family’s extermination becomes abundantly clear, and Cheng Ying, a seemingly insignificant and spurned figure for most of his life, finally garners victory and restores justice.

Wu Xiu Bo as Cheng Ying
Sun Chun as Tu An Gu
Cherrie Ying as Zhuang Ji
Wang Yu as Zhao Wu
Yi Zhen as Han Jue
Zheng Hao as Jin Jing Gong
Zhang Yi Wen (张译文) as Gongsun Wu Jiu
Hou Chang Rong as Dao Man
Ji Ta as Zhao Shuo
Lian Shu Mei as Song Xiang
Li Hai Bing (李海兵) as Ran Bai
Xu Wei (徐卫) as Li Lou
Xu Lu (徐露) as Meng Jiang
Gao Xu Yang (高旭阳) as Tu An Wu Jiang
Zhan Jing Yi as Xiang Ling
Guo Xiao Ting as Cao Er

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Chen Wen Gui (陈文贵)
Director: Yan Jian Gang (阎建刚)
Assistant director: Ha Si Qi Qi Ge (哈斯其其格)
Action director: Sun Meng Fei
Production company: CTV Media


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