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English Title: Hello, Gorgeous
Title: 華麗一族

Shera Li (李欣汝) / Li Xin Ru
Godfrey Gao (高以翔)
Jed Lee (李學慶) / Li Xue Dong

“Based on the 1997 Korean drama Model , Hello Gorgeous tells the story of Song Jiaoyang (Shera Li), a fashion design student who accidentally becomes a supermodel herself. As she learns the ropes of the modeling industry, she meets Li Zhen (Godfrey Gao), who is seeking revenge against his uncle. Li Zhen recently returned from school abroad and planned to work for his family’s company, only to find that his father had died and that his uncle is refusing to acknowledge his nephew as the true heir. The family dispute destroys Li Zhen’s kindness, and he becomes willing to use any means in his quest for vengeance, even going so far as to exploit his relationship with Jiaoyang and cause her harm.
The interwoven plotlines of love and revenge extend throughout the rest of Hello Gorgeous, especially when it comes to the fierce competition within the fashion and modeling industry. However, the catwalk is not characterized by catfights; rather, the designers and supermodels discreetly undermine and frame their rivals. Even the two big fashion companies are locked in continual strife, repeatedly exchanging low-handed tricks in order to gain the upper hand.”


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