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King Rouge

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Chinese Title : 胭脂霸王
Official English Title: KING ROUGE
Other Literal Translation of the Chinese Title: ROUGE OVERLORD, ROUGE HEGEMON
Episodes : 33
Airdate: Began its broadcast on February 23, 2013
Time Slot: 8 am (Weekends)/7:30 a.m. (Weekdays)/ 4 episodes are aired per day
Broadcast Company : Hunan Satellite TV (HSTV)
Genre: Period drama (set in the years after 1911), Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Action
Director: Wang Chung Kuang
Scriptwriter: Chen Lie
Producer: Shanghai New Culture Company (production team is headed by producer of the 90s Pan-Asian hit JUSTICE BAO)

Main Cast :
JO HYUN JAE 조현재 (49 Days, Seo Dong Yo, Love Letter)

SUPPORTING CAST: Ge DeGang 郭德綱, Danny Lee 李修賢, Liang Li, Ge ZiMing, Yang Guang, Jiang Chao

At the dawn of the Republic (the years right after 1911), in a small crossroads town, Lei Er/Thunderchild (Yang Zi) was born with supernatural powers and has always vowed to become a female biao shi (a biao shi is someone tasked with transporting goods within China, who must have martial arts skills to safeguard the goods from bandits on the road – imagine an old school Fed Ex). But the gods seem to want to thwart her, and her road to becoming a biao shi is fraught with considerable obstacles.

Xiao WuKui (Jo Hyun Jae) is the son of the owner of the Xin Yi Biao Ju 信义镖局 (a biao shi works for a biao ju, which means transportation company) and was born on the same day as Lei Er/Thunderchild. But he was born with a weak constitution so he cannot learn any martial arts skills.

Ou Lang/Dumb Wolf/Wolfman, a bandit leader, is enchanted by Lei Er’s/Thundechild’s optimism and kindness and pursues her, except Lei Er/Thunderchild only has eyes for WuKui. But WuKui, who loves learning about Western culture, has a crush on the aloof and haughty Ya Ge Ge (a Ge Ge is the Qing Dynasty title for a princess of the royal family). The four youngsters will find their lives intertwined because of a threat to the Xin Yi Baio Ju (信义镖局) and a secret treasure map.

The legendary treasure map attracts the attention of a former Lord of the Qing Dynasty who possess a key, a blind eunuch who survived the end of the Qing Dynasty and is the only one who knows the secrets of the map, a police captain, and so on and so forth, everyone desiring to possess this map. Their arrival throws the little town into a state of upheaval.

With everyone harboring their own agenda and wanting to find the treasure, to protect the goods entrusted to them, Lei Er/Thunderchild and WuKui find themselves caught up in this maelstrom. When the treasure is finally found after a considerable effort, it turns out the treasure is not gold and jewels…..


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