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True Love 365

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Title: 求愛365 / Qiu Ai 365
English title: True Love 365
Genre: Romance, comedy
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-08
Air time: Friday 22:00

Lai family has 4 children: One narcissist, one workaholic, one divorcee, and one social butterfly. None of which wanted to settle down. Lai parents think the kids may have been spoiled by the family fortune. To correct this problem, the parents issued the kids an ultimatum, get married within the year or be disinherited. Reluctantly, the kids scramble to find that true love they have missed all their lives.

Bryant Chang as Lai Yu Xiang 賴宇翔
Joanne Tseng as Zhang Bi Ting 張碧婷
Johnny Lu as Lai Jun Jie 賴俊傑
Queenie Tai as Wu Shu Xin 吳淑心
Jerry Huang as Lai Tian Cheng 賴天成
Lene Lai as Chen Yi Ru 陳亦儒
Luo Bei An as Lai Da Fa 賴大發
Xu Gui Ying as Yang Yu Mei 楊玉梅
Remus Kam as Yang Bo Wen 楊博文
Huang Xin Di (黃心娣) as Lai Yu Jie 賴宇婕
Gu Bin (古斌) as Long Tian Xing 龍天行
Wang Jian Min as Pi Jing Ye 皮敬業
Winnie Chung as Xiao Q 小Q


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