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Flowers in Fog



Title: 花非花雾非雾 / Hua Fei Hua Wu Fei Wu
English Title: Flowers in Fog
Also known as: Fleurs et Brumes (French)
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 54
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2013-August-06 to 2013-August-28
Air time: 19:30
Opening theme song: Hua Fei Hua Wu Fei Wu (花非花雾非雾) Flowers in Fog by Zhang Rui
Ending theme song: Ku Ye Die (枯叶蝶) Withered Leaf Butterfly by Xu Yi Na / Cuo Guo (错过) Missed by Li Sheng

Xue Hua (Snow), Lang Hua (Spray), Huo Hua (Sparks) and Yan Hua (Fireworks) are four orphans with musical talents. They grew up together and became sisters. However, Xue Hua is found by her aunt, who brought her to France, and Huo Hua is adopted by the Ye family. From then on, Lang Hua and Yan Hua promised each other never to be seperated.

Sixteen years later, Huo Hua, who is now called Ye Fan went to France in search for her sister Xue Hua, who everybody calls Angel White. However, Angel was suspected to be dead and the prime suspect was no longer than her boyfriend Qi Yuan. When Ye Fan found out about Angel’s death, she seduces Qi Fei, the younger brother of Qi Yuan, in order to seek for revenge and find out the truth about Angel.

Meanwhile, Lang Hua, now called Bai Hai Hua, and Yan Hua, now called Bai Meng Hua, grew up together and each already had their own job. Hai Hua soon fell in love with Geng Ruo Chen, while Meng Hua struggles between Han Li and Xu Hao.

Finally all secrets will come to light, true love conquered all obstacles, and the four sisters reunite once again.

Li Sheng as Ye Fan / Huo Hua
Zhang Rui as Qi Fei
Ruby Lin as Angel White / Xue Hua
Joo Jin Mo as Qi Yuan
Wan Qian as Bai Hai Hua / Lang Hua
Yang Zi as Bai Meng Hua / Yan Hua
Yao Yuan Hao as Geng Ruo Chen
Deng Lun (鄧倫) as Xu Hao
Gao Zi Qi as Han Li
Madina Memet as Beth
Han Cheng Yu as An Ting Wei
Liu De Kai as Geng Ke Yi
Fang Qing Zhuo as Xu Ma Ma
Zhang Ying (張穎) as Du Qiu Shui
Song Zi Qiao (宋梓僑) as Ji Ai Xia
Zhao Wei (趙巍) as Geng Pei Zhong
Xiong Xiao Wen (熊曉文) as Zhou Wen Juan
Dai Yan Ni (戴燕妮) as Qin En

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Qiong Yao
Director: Ding Yang Guo, Li Ping


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