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The Yang’s Saga 1985

LIHAT DAFTAR HARGA Title: 楊家將 Cantonese title: Yeung Ka Jeung English title: The Yang’s Saga Genre: Wuxia Episodes: 6 Broadcast network: TVB Broadcast period: 1985-Sep-23 to 1985-Sep-27 Air time: Monday to Friday 19:05-20:00 Cast : Michael Miu Felix Wong Andy Lau Tony Leung Ken Tong Chow Yun Fat Francis Ng Margie Tsang Carina Lau Maggie …

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Young Master of Shaolin

LIHAT DAFTAR HARGA Title: 少年英雄方世玉 / Shao Nian Ying Xiong Fang Shi Yu Also known as: Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk / Young Hero Fang Shi Yu / Young Master of Shaolin Genre: Action, drama, romance Episodes: 40 Broadcast network: ATV Broadcast year: 1999 Opening theme song: Drunken Lives by Dicky Cheung / Johnny Yip …

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Yan Dao

LIHAT DAFTAR HARGA Title : 硯道 (Yan Dao) English Title : A Chinese Ghost Story; The Prequel of Yan Dao Release Year : 2006 Director : Lam Chi Wai Description : An inkstone is a crucial component in the art of Chinese calligraphy. If you think the idea of a television drama series about an …

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Yun Niang

LIHAT DAFTAR HARGA Title : Yun Niang Broadcast Period : 2008 Producer : Qing Yao Cast: Ady An Feng Shao Feng Leannie Liu Zhang Xun Jie Yueli Yue The director of Qiong Yao classics like The Branding of Plum, Qing Qing He Bian Cao, and Shui Yun Jian, this time Shen Yi teams up with …

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Young Warriors of the Yang Clan

LIHAT DAFTAR HARGA Title: 少年杨家将 / 少年楊家將 / Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang English title: The Young Warriors Also known as: Young Warriors of the Yang Clan Genre: Period drama Episodes: 43 Broadcast network: CTV (co-production) Broadcast period: 2006-Oct-06 to 2006-Dec-04 Air time: Weekdays 20:00-21:00 Opening theme song: Jue Bie Shi by Anson Hu Ending …

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