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Fairy Lake of The Ink Cents

Title : Fairy Lake of The Ink Cents (DVD)
Also known as : 仙女湖之墨仙
Language : Chinese
Episode : 35
Genre : (period drama) (romance) (myth)
Director: Lin Feng, Zheng shao Feng

Cast :
Gong Mo
Johnny Chen
Tian Niu
Max Mok

TV series based on China’s ancient myths novel “Immortals” recorded in sweater woman came down the Xiannvhu ink cents stills story and Emperor Wu of Han period deposed one hundred, Only Confucianism “the Mohist giant legend combine, tells the love story of the heroine fairy small seven non-actor music twists and turns.
Xinyu, Jiangxi, Fairy Lake, legend, in ancient times, a beautiful young girl, waiting for her lover, your tears, and turned it into Fairy Lake. Later, there is often a fairy to Fairy Lake to take a bath. Ink by non-music fled to kill evade court Xiannvhu lost plumage could not God’s seven fairy in seven encounters between them to produce a “love of the people of God. The Queen Mother fined small seven born again become mortal, 7 Music emotional twists and turns. Minor seventh in the help of the sisters practice, to re-become immortal, but she can not be separated from non-music. Jade Emperor Fairy Lake is his lover, Fairy Lake to convince the Jade Emperor to let a minor seventh to stay in the world, and the non-music achievements hundred good.


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